Call For Lyra Delegates

Call For Lyra Delegates

Part of Lyra's mission is to establish an engaged and value-driven council of delegates responsible for governing the Lyra Protocol. In pursuit of this objective, we are thrilled to share two significant announcements with the community:

  1. The Lyra Delegate Portal is now live at! Introducing Lyra Agora, a unified and dedicated platform meticulously designed to elevate the Lyra governance experience. Delegates now have the ability to curate personalized profiles that showcase their unique ideas, emphasize their priorities in Lyra governance, and illustrate the communities they represent. Community members will benefit from seamless identification of delegates based on these criteria, enabling them to easily re-delegate voting power, track proposals, and engage in various other interactive features.
  2. To celebrate the launch of delegation, we are hosting the inaugural Lyra Delegate Race. This remarkable event aims to address a common challenge faced by Lyra delegates, especially those who are new to the role. This challenge revolves around initiating their initial delegation from stkLYRA holders. By establishing a designated timeframe within the year, we, as a community, strive to overcome this hurdle by encouraging delegators to refresh their delegation commitments.

Lyra Delegate Race

To bootstrap initial delegation from stkLYRA holders, we have set aside a period of time for The Delegate Race. Over the next four weeks (as outlined in the detailed timeline below), both aspiring and existing delegates are expected to construct comprehensive Agora profiles, while delegators evaluate and assess these profiles on Agora. While delegate application and token delegation will be open This provides a dedicated time where aspiring delegates can receive maximum visibility on their applications, and delegators can interact and examine potential applicants.

Delegate Profile Requirements

To participate in the race and stand a chance to receive re-delegation from our esteemed partners, interested individuals must fulfill the following requirements:

Click the wallet dropdown, select 'Create delegate statement,' and complete an official delegate statement on Agora. Your response should address the following questions in the prescribed format:

  • What is your platform or who do you represent in one sentence?
  • What are your expectations for Lyra governance in the coming year?
  • What motivates you to assume the role of a delegate?
  • Please highlight your relevant skills and areas of expertise.
  • Provide details of your past contributions to the Lyra ecosystem and/or demonstrate your knowledge of the protocol (if applicable).
Note: It is highly recommended to apply as a delegate with a recognizable ENS name and profile picture. Instructions on updating your profile picture can be found here.

If desired, delegates may include additional information about their platform within the delegate statement.

Select up to three Lyra governance issues that are of utmost importance to you and provide your perspective on each issue.

Choose the stakeholder group that best aligns with your voting approach. Ideally, this selection should correspond to your stakeholder type. If any mismatch exists, you may elaborate on your voting approach within your platform statement.

Please refer to the timeline below for the upcoming events:

Profile Creation Period

  • Monday, July 10 — Monday, July 24

Interested participants have until Monday, July 24th, to create their profiles in accordance with the aforementioned requirements.

Delegation Period

  • Monday, July 24 — Friday, August 4

During this period, delegators have the opportunity to reassess and update their delegation based on the delegate profiles created on Agora.

In conclusion, we are optimistic that the Lyra Delegate Portal and the Delegate Race will facilitate and streamline the engagement of new and existing delegates in Lyra governance. Simultaneously, delegators can ensure that their Lyra holdings genuinely represent their interests and aspirations. Based on community feedback and requirements, we may organize future iterations of the Delegate Race. We eagerly invite you to share your thoughts and provide feedback regarding potential future developments.