Free Token Program

Free Token Program


  • Lyra's new Free Token Program rewards you and your friends with crypto tokens for referring and completing onboarding tasks.
  • Invite friends, join Discord, follow Twitter, and deposit $100 to win tokens like ETH, ENA, PENDLE, ETHFI, and BITCOIN.
  • Visit to get started.


  1. Refer and Onboard your Friends:
    • Invite friends using your unique invite link.
    • Complete tasks in any order:
      • Join Discord.
      • Follow Twitter.
      • Deposit $100 for 28 days.
  2. Play and Win:
    • Both you and your friend get to play a game of chance to win tokens.
    • Referrers can invite as many users as possible to get unlimited free tokens.*


  • Tokens available to win include:
    • ETH
    • ENA
    • PENDLE
    • ETHFI
  • How do I play?
    • Select 1 of 3 cards.
    • Scratch the card to reveal the token.
    • Earn fractional tokens, e.g., 0.5 ETHFI.
    • Invited users get 1 free token.
    • All players win $1 to 1 ETH worth of tokens.


  • Lyra reserves the right to revoke token rewards from suspicious accounts (e.g., gaming the referral system).
  • Token rewards take at least 28 days to be distributed.
  • Token rewards may be suspended based on available token balances.

Start referring now and enjoy the rewards! Visit to get started!