Introducing the Lyra GrantsDAO

Introducing the Lyra GrantsDAO

We’re excited to announce that the Lyra GrantsDAO is active and looking forward to receiving proposals! This is a great step-forward for Lyra in its aim to become a fully decentralized protocol.

The GrantDAO consists of five community and team members, who are tasked with authoring new request for proposals (RFPs) and reviewing new proposals for Lyra grants.

👉 Check out the grants portal here

Who are the GrantsDAO members?

The following members were voted onto the GrantsDAO council via Lyra token holder vote:

What is the purpose of the GrantsDAO?

The GrantsDAO was set up to encourage community participation and to reward initiatives that help the protocol. By using the Dao format with public voting and discussion the GrantsDAO is both transparent and decentralized. More on the Lyra gDAO Mission Statement can be found here

What can be proposed?

Any new initiatives can be proposed, we are open to any idea as long as it contributes to the Lyra protocol! Alternatively, community members can look at existing RPCs that have been highlighted as priorities and pick one to start work on.

Where should you start?

We’d like to highlight the following RFP’s that we are keen for the community to be involved with:

1) API Development

Developing an API that implements OSI (Option Symbology Initiative) and supports FIX protocol.

Details here - API grant

2) Newsletter

An unofficial newsletter published every 2-4 weeks which is maintained by the community and details product and community updates.

Details here - Community Newsletter

3) Chinese & Thai Localisation

A translation team on a monthly retainer to translate all blog content and announcements into their native language.

Details here -  Chinese Localization Grant and Thai Localization Grant

How to propose a grant for Lyra funding

Head over to and take a look at our existing RFPs, select one to apply for funding for. Alternatively propose your own, once you have a project to request funding for then complete the following steps:

  • Fill out the online Application Form. Be sure to add as much detail as possible, also let us know if you are applying for an existing RFP or proposing a new one.
  • The GrantsDao will receive your proposal and perform an initial check, if it warrants consideration then it will be submitted for a vote.
  • There is a one week period allowing the dao and community to discuss the merits of the RFP and if it’s aligned with the goals of Lyra.
  • After this period is complete the DAO will vote Yes, No or abstain.
  • If a proposal receives four votes then it is approved.

Categories of proposal broadly consist of integrations, promotions, community events and language translations. Any initiative that will grow Lyra will be considered so don’t be locked to these!

To stay up to date on the gDAO bounties and for more Grant ideas be sure to visit our Notion page Lyra Grants Notion or feel free to ping us on discord Lyra Discord

We will be hosting a community call to discuss the GrantsDao and answer any questions you may have. The call will be held:

How to contribute to Lyra

When: Thursday, 24th March 7pm EST
Where: Lyra Discord

If you have any further queries or would like to contribute then don’t hesitate to get involved, we look forward to hearing your ideas!

Lyra GrantsDAO