Lyra Content Challenge!

Lyra Content Challenge!

Maybe you sat on the sidelines of the trading competition thinking ‘I am not a super pro options trader, when will it be my turn for glory?’

Now is your chance, an opportunity to share your creativity with the world. A content creation challenge with $3000USDC on the line. There are now 7 days left until the trading competition ranks are finalized, there are also 7 more days for you to achieve glory in The Legion.

There are three categories:

Art — Make your best Lyra themed art. There’s lots to pull from already - The French Legion, Lyres, Mythology and anything options. We’re looking forward to seeing what you can create.

Memes — We like memes. Creativity is key here, just make sure it’s not offensive or hateful.

Written Guides — Options are complex and we know that it can be confusing at first. Write a guide explaining how to trade options on the Lyra dApp - extra points for creative presentation.


Each category will have three winners:

First: $600

Second: $300

Third: $100


To enter, you must be following @Lyrafinance on Twitter. Tweet your submission tagging @Lyrafinance with #LyraLegion.

Submissions will be taken from today until 8pm EST August 10th, 2021.

*Individuals can submit one entry for each category!*


Votes will be taken in a 24 hour window from the community on Discord, but the ultimate decision will be with the team. This is meant as a hedge against fake bot votes. If there is no evidence of ballot stuffing, the community’s vote will stand.

Let’s Get Started!

We’re excited to kick off the Lyra Content Challenge. Join the #content-challenge channel in the Discord to meet your fellow participants and ask any questions.