Reply Guy Competition - $7,500 in prizes

Reply Guy Competition - $7,500 in prizes
reply guy [ ri-plahy gahy ]

A reply guy is a term for a man who frequently comments on tweets. It can also refer to a person who frequently and zealously responds to posts from famous people on Twitter.

Lyra Grants is sponsoring a competition to educate the community about the Lyra Protocol and more specifically Lyra’s Newport upgrade, and it’s deployment on Arbitrum by launching a content creation campaign across social media platforms. Points will be awarded for content created across Twitter and Youtube, $7500 in LYRA is up for grabs.

  • Remember, the purpose of this competition is to educate
  • Viral and very creative content to be rewarded extra points.
  • Competition will run for 1 month from 24th Jan to the 24th of February UTC
  • Retroactive rewards to Lyra threads / videos posted in January, and anyone that has posted to community marketing.

How to submit an entry:
Post a link to your submission to #community-marketing in the Lyra Discord with a 🦘 emoji to be in the running

The Lyra Grants DAO will act as the judge to award the competition winners

⚠️ Warning: Anyone who uses bots, spams on Twitter or creates content that damages the reputation of the Lyra DAO will be disqualified and banned from the Lyra Discord indefinitely.

Competition Scoring


Create threads on Twitter promoting Lyra,  examples of topics could be, threads should be minimum of 8 tweets.

  • “What is Lyra’s Newport upgrade and why is it significant?”
  • “LYRA Tokenomics, APR’s, unlock schedule, where to buy”
  • “Lyra moving to USDC and ETH collateral, why is this significant?”
  • "Understanding the Lyra fee structure"
  • “Lyra launching on Arbitrum”
  • “How to trade on Lyra”
  • “Arbitrage, and how to arb Lyra Options”
  • “How to Liquidity Pool, APR’s, rewards & risks”


Become the “Reply Guy” - reply to crypto / options influencers, mentioning Lyra, with a relevant comment.

Bonus points for ratioing the author.


Like content, like replies by other entrants that also mention Lyra. We will pick the 25 most liked Lyra posts / replies over the competition period.  So like as many Lyra posts as possible, to be in with the best chance of being awarded points.

Video Creation

Create video content - minimum length of 8 minutes, covering any of the topics above. Bonus points for very creative or viral content.


The top 15 best creators by points collected will be rewarded in LYRA tokens.

1st $2,250

2nd $1,000

3rd $750

4th - 5th $500

6th - 15th $250

The price of the LYRA tokens distributed will be taken from a snapshot at the beginning of the competition ($0.157)

Where to find information:

List of useful blogs (some are a little out of date):

List of useful threads:

Thanks to the Lyra Grants DAO for supporting this initiative.